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Sons of Heaven is an NFT project on the Radix network. A total of 5,020 Sons of Heaven answer the Emperor's call in these ranks: Infantry, Cavalry, Officer, Royal Assassin, or the Imperial Family.
The First Deflationary Charitable DAO project on Radix
Gorilla-themed NFT project by Artistizen
The Radix Desktop Wallet will be your gateway to mainnet, where you can create accounts, deposit XRD tokens, send and receive them, and help secure the Radix Public Network against Sybil attacks by staking XRD tokens.
A new exchange to allow community members to swap alt tokens on the Radix protocol
A collection of 10 000 unique and drawn-with-love NFTs on the Radix network.
The first prediction market exclusively on Radix
10,000 Unique NFTs based on Charlie Chaplin. Each NFT is handcrafted and then ran through an ASCII generator to get the final result. Minting will take place at the release of Babylon in late 2022
Skull-themed NFT project by Artistizen
I create Radix Vietnam community Telegram group to connect more Radix fen in Vietnam.
5,000 unique Robo NFTs on Radix.
Interactive NFT experience based on the backwoods of Kentucky and Japanese folklore
We provide affordable services for NFT projects on Radix, like Token Creation and automated orders
A bone-rattling NFT collection powered by Scrypto and the Radix Engine
The Meta Whale Circle is a collection of 7’777 individual and handcrafted whales that will be born on the Radix Ledger.
One third of the total sales will be allocated to the Holders & the Radix fam
NFT collection with professional, unique and fun design