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2000 exclusive NFTs released seasonally, each with a different theme. The main goal of our project is to create value for its holders.


Unisci is a combination of unique and scire/science, which reflects our project. The 1st part unique is related to the drop of our NFTs and the 2nd part scire will be the additional value of our project.

1. part of our project:

Why is our NFT drop unique? Our collection consists of 2000 handmade nfts that we release piece by piece. We have planned 20 seasons of 100 nfts each and they all have different themes. Every single nft is drawn by us, no automatic trait generators are used!

2. part of our project:

Unisci is a community that provides information, knowledge and exchanges investment ideas. The main goal of our project is to create value for its holders. How do we do that? Almost all income from the mint goes to the community fund.

The community fund:

80% from the mint will be invested either in radix projects (mainly nfts) or to build our own project.

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