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GameFi-powered guerrilla marketing hub, incentivizing Radix promotion. Earn Honey, support the community, and collect exclusive Neon Bugs NFTs, shaping web3 marketing.
An NFT collection and your digital pass to exclusive events and private lounges.
A shared digital canvas, segmented into blocks that you can personally own and customize with an image, link, and title. Advertise yourself, your project, or your services. Try it now! Demo available.
Be prepared for the next generation of social trading on Radix.
Community Telegram Channel for Thailand
Stay updated on áll Radix projects in one place.
2000 exclusive NFTs released seasonally, each with a different theme. The main goal of our project is to create value for its holders.
A MEME token on Radix network, fueled by respect for blockchain technology and the ecosystem. Our concept includes a donation for blockchain or space research and the creation of an NFT collection.
Unofficial Radix community for Kenya
Cerby is a community / meme token built on radix, its main function is to promote the radix platform and spread the word about how radix will change the global financial system
Lazy Bear™ is a project where NFT art and education coexist. It is Radix's first NFT educational project.
Buff Wild Crew is a Premium NFT Collection on Radix, aiming to create an exclusive mastermind community.
Unofficial Telegram group for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland.
I create Radix Vietnam community Telegram group to connect more Radix fen in Vietnam.
One third of the total sales will be allocated to the Holders & the Radix fam
Radix Community Council dedicated to help expand Radix ecosystem
A website packed with resources about Radix and how to get hold of XRD.
Xseed is a native token of the Radix Public Network, and has been established in 2021.