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Neon Bugs Shilling Machine

Neon Bugs Shilling Machine

GameFi-powered guerrilla marketing hub, incentivizing Radix promotion. Earn Honey, support the community, and collect exclusive Neon Bugs NFTs, shaping web3 marketing.

Our platform merges GameFi mechanics with a guerrilla marketing approach, focusing on promoting Radix.

Complete quests, earn XP, and climb the leaderboard to receive Honey, our native currency, incentivizing engagement and educating about Radix while boosting its adoption.

We're also launching a Neon Bugs NFTs collection; proceeds increase the Honeycomb, our community vault, along with royalties and liquidity mining rewards.

Upon receiving Honey, store it in the Hive, our liquidity pool, to evaporate water until <20% and prevent counterfeit issues. To be sure, check refractive index.

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