A high performance validator node ran by a longstanding member of the Radix genesis community. Bonuses for stakers include a monthly lottery where you can win XRD!
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Ociswap is the first pairwise DEX that will be launched at the Radix Babylon release. The combination of low fees on the Radix network, and the masterminds behind Ociswap, makes this project very promising. The intention is to create a decentralized exchange, where people could easily swap one token for another token, without the use of a third party, directly from their wallets.
Highly decentralised and redundant validator node in Norway. NFT and $VKC (VikingCoin) giveaway for stakers.
Radiwhales is a NFT collection thats lives on the Radix DLT.
The first mutants have evolved on Radix! Full collection of 6,666 mutant cats with random allocation!
Buff Wild Crew is a Premium NFT Collection on Radix, aiming to create an exclusive mastermind community.
RadHeads is a 3D NFT collection of 10,000 unique heads designed to represent the Radix community!
Lossless Lottery and LUCK farm on Radix - Monthly Jackpots & Yearly MEGA Jackpot!
radix validator - clusterd - high availability
A collection of 10000 NFT's. Handmade and Generated. Each one is unique.
A collection of 10,000 unique RadderFlies on the Radix network
Welcome to Radixdlt.Store (an unofficial store for badass Radix inspired merchandise)
A Silicon Valley garage but on Radix Ledger!
A community-owned investment message board on Radix created by the Caviar Team
INVADERZ are a series of 10,000 NFT's for the Radix Ecosystem
The first liquidity locking and team vesting tool on Radix Network!
Planet Token Created by, the first CEX for Radix alt-tokens
An art collective producing limited run NFT releases of original art pieces. Each NFT also comes with the option of receiving an A2 size print on Art museum quality paper
Unofficial Telegram group for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland.