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Ociswap will provide a secure, trustless and self-custodial environment for exchanging your favorite cryptocurrencies on RadixDLT. It will be the first pairwise DEX native to Radix and is scheduled to launch on the very first day of the Babylon update.
The most Badass B!tches in the Radix Shardspace. A limited supply of 2,500 randomly generated all-female NFT’s exclusively available to Roidboiz holders.
Reinventing the way artists and creators and Radixologists use NFT’s by providing a one stop turnkey service for creating, displaying, trading or selling your unique artwork or creations!
Tulp is a social media NFT market place with and easy and simple UI to maximum optimize UX in communication and NFT trading.
Horrible Heads are a collection of 6666 NFT's on the Radix DLT.
A telegram channel for trading Abandoned Scorpions
A new exchange to allow community members to swap alt tokens on the Radix protocol
Interactive NFT experience based on the backwoods of Kentucky and Japanese folklore
A Telegram Group intended for trading Radix Panda NFTs
Telegram Group for over-the-counter trading.
Telegram channel that give live feeds with the latest trading transactions.