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The most Badass B!tches in the Radix Shardspace. A limited supply of 2,500 randomly generated all-female NFT’s exclusively available to Roidboiz holders.

The Roidettes form the all-female chapter of the Roidboiz gang. Cross them at your own peril… they will kick the ass of anyone who messes with them; including the Roidboiz.

They’re tough, intelligent, and a touch volatile.

Tired of waiting for the Roidboiz to get their asses in gear, the Roidettes are showing them how it’s done.

Sometime this month, one Roidette will be Airdropped to each Roidboiz holder*. The balance of the Roidettes will soon after be available for purchase EXCLUSIVELY BY ROIDBOIZ HOLDERS for 200XRD each. (50 Roidette limit)

Once the Roidettes are available to purchase, your reserved Roidettes will be immediately searchable, and tradable to anyone who wants to buy them through the Radix Marketplace. Including non-Roidboiz holders.

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