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With ShardSpace, you can easily buy, swap, send, and stake your digital assets.

Introducing ShardSpace: Unleash the Power of the Radix Ecosystem.

ShardSpace was born out of a passion for making Radix asset management accessible to everyone while prioritizing the utmost security and convenience. Our platform offers a wide array of features designed to enhance your Radix experience:

Safe and Seamless Asset Management

ShardSpace leverages Radix's state-of-the-art security measures to safeguard your Radix assets against unauthorized access and potential threats. With ShardSpace, you can easily buy, swap, send, and stake your digital assets from the convenience of a single dashboard.

Effortless Swapping of Radix Network Tokens

Diversifying your crypto portfolio is essential for leveraging the full benefit of the Radix ecosystem. Our platform allows you to effortlessly swap one Radix token for another, giving you the flexibility to quickly access many of the dApps and services built on Radix.

Unlock the Power of Liquid Staking

Take full advantage of Liquid Staking by participating in either traditional Validator Staking or Stake Pool opportunities. Staking allows you to earn rewards by holding and securing the network, all while maintaining complete control over your assets.

Partnerships under development

Astrolescent, AlphaDex, XRD Domains.


ShardSpace is founded by the team at Avaunt Staking.

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