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DeXian Staking Earning

DeXian Staking Earning

DSE liquid staking protocol provides one-stop Fast Stake and even Faster Unstake services.

DeXian Staking Earning (DSE) is a liquid staking protocol based on Radix, which provides a one-stop solution to the problem of Fast stake and even Faster unstake.

The DSE allows users to rapidly JOIN the liquid staking pool, and earn stable earnings through the DeXian service. Especially, users can immediately REDEEM their XRD staked without waiting for the approximately 10 to 15 days unstaking delay of the Radix network, which greatly improves the liquidity of XRD and brings users convenience.

The DSE protocol will use algorithms to ensure that XRD staked by users will not be concentrated on a few validators, increasing the decentralization, stability and robustness of the Radix network.

DeXian Staking Earning was developed by the technical team of KaiYuan Epoch Validator, which is currently a Radix Top 40 validator worldwide. The DeXian team has been following the Radix since 2018, participating in the early Betanet test network in 2021, and operating validators on Olympia and Alexandria.

People who lead this initiative
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Dust | DeXian
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Martin | DeXian
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Benny | DeXian
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Haochu Qu | DeXian
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Peng Yue | DeXian
Independent validator with primary node in Seoul to help Radix network diversity. Transparent, reliable infrastructure, low fees and secure. Backed by experienced operators.
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