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$MRD is more than just a token - it's the paradise of memecoins. Built on the Radix network (XRD), $MRD offers a unique and vibrant platform where memecoin culture thrives.
$PHNX is a memecoin leveraging on burn mechanisms to create value and burn-themed content for Radix users
A Proof-of-Meme community token. Earn $SHOCK tokens for meme content.
The Hotties of Radix are here to support the entire Ecosystem
Minnie is a memecoin on Radix. Straightforward tokenomics, great community, and a tribute to Dan's dog.
The cheapest and shittiest coin in the universe
Rad Fam Monster Coin is the official Meme Coin from RadFam NFT.
A MEME token on Radix network, fueled by respect for blockchain technology and the ecosystem. Our concept includes a donation for blockchain or space research and the creation of an NFT collection.
Cerby is a community / meme token built on radix, its main function is to promote the radix platform and spread the word about how radix will change the global financial system
The first ever Radix DAO with one simple mission: FLIPPing Ethereum!