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Be prepared for the next generation of social trading on Radix.

What is Social Trading?

Social Trading is a method of online trading where investors can copy or follow the trading strategies of other successful investors. It is a form of collective investing where investors can benefit from the wisdom and experience of others.


Our mission is to make crypto trading safely accessible for inexperienced new investors and private investors, and to maximize investment returns. No matter what investment strategy you are pursuing, you will find a competent trader at Fidenaro.


Our vision is to attract well-known and highly successful traders to our platform, making crypto trading easily accessible to the masses. We aim to become the leading platform for social trading in the DeFi market.

By choosing Fidenaro, you can enjoy the following advantages:

- Increased chances of higher return on investment

- Reduced personal effort

- Enhanced security

- Expert assistance with your investments

People who lead this initiative
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Andreas | Fidenaro
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Jan | Fidenaro
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Erik | Fidenaro
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Tobias | Fidenaro
Warning ⚠️

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