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Radix Pixel Board

Radix Pixel Board

Radix Pixels Board, advertising platform built on Radix DLT - user friendly, efficient, and cost-effective tool, to promote and advertise product and services in Crypto space.


Radix Pixels Board is a new project that allows users to buy and sell pixels as NFTs on Each pixel’s range is a unique NFT that can be used to create a digital billboard. The digital billboard can be used to display advertisements, images, or other content.


The purpose is to build simple - user friendly, efficient, and cost-effective tool, to promote and advertise product and services in Crypto space, on the Radix platform.

How it works

The approach is simple but efficient. Radix Pixels Board works by using the Radix DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) to store the ownership of each pixel range. When a user buys a pixel range, they are given a unique NFT that represents ownership of that pixel’s range (10 x 10 pixels). The user can then transfer ownership of the pixels range to another user, or they can change the colour of the pixels. Pixels will have original location in the billboard than cannot be changed.


The motivation for the Radix Pixels Board (RPB) project is to advocate and attract new users to join the Radix community and to celebrate the major Radix upgrade to Babylon. The project will do this by providing a decentralized platform for advertising that is open to anyone, regardless of their size or budget. This will allow small businesses and individuals to compete with the big companies and get their message out to the public at a fraction of the cost. The RPB project will also airdrop pixels to users who stake $XRD with the NebuLAB validator node ( This will help to promote the project and to reward early adopters.


There are several benefits to using RPB. First, RPB is a decentralized platform, which means that there is no central authority that controls the ownership of pixels ranges. This makes RPB a more secure platform than traditional advertising platforms.

Second, RPB can be a profitable platform for users. They can earn money by selling their NFTs, trading their NFTs, or using their NFTs to create digital billboards that generate advertising revenue. This makes RPB a very flexible platform for advertising.

Third, RPB is a very creative platform. Users can use pixels to create any type of digital billboard they can imagine. This makes RPB a great platform for artists, designers, and businesses to express themselves.


Radix Pixels Board will use the $RPB token with name “RadicaBoard” to power the platform. The $RPB token will be used to buy and sell pixels ranges, and it will also be used to pay for advertising on the billboard using $NBL / $XRD tokens.


NebuLAB pre-Babylon airdrop (July 15, 2023).

Open Sales

Use online reservation and transaction information builder on Total number of $ RDP tokens reserved for Open Sales locations on board are limited to 7.000-pixel ranges.


Radix Pixels Board is a new and innovative project that allows users to buy and sell pixels as NFTs. RPB is a decentralized, cost-effective, and creative platform that can be used for advertising, art, and design. The RPB team is excited to launch the platform and to see what users create with it.

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