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Aprende a leer y crear contratos inteligentes desde 0
A website packed with resources about Radix and how to get hold of XRD.
Founder of @radixdlt , technologist, petrol head and #bitcoin / #crypto evangelist. Opinions and thoughts posted here are my own!
Not maximalist on any narrative in life except buddhism. The purpose of this twitter is to promote Radix DLT
Watching over the crypto chaos, and collecting $XRD, while @radixdlt builds a decentralized network for Global DeFi. Nothing here is financial advice.
Youtube channel covering Radix in German 🇩🇪
Validator node and map with community validator nodes by geographical location.
News and views about developing software for the Radix distributed public ledger
You no longer need to be a developer to create your own token.
NFT project coming to Radix
We will list all projects that intent to run on the Radix network.
Official Radix DLT application for Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X
Youtube channel covering Radix
Join the community and create history by revolutionizing global finance
Github repository with Scrypto code examples provided by the community
Tool to track radix stake rewards
Easily track your Radix staking over time...
Unofficial Telegram group for Greece