10,000 Unique NFTs based on Charlie Chaplin. Each NFT is handcrafted and then ran through an ASCII generator to get the final result. Minting will take place at the release of Babylon in late 2022
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Highly decentralised and redundant validator node in Norway. NFT and $VKC (VikingCoin) giveaway for stakers.
Ociswap is the first pairwise DEX that will be launched at the Radix Babylon release. The combination of low fees on the Radix network, and the masterminds behind Ociswap, makes this project very promising. The intention is to create a decentralized exchange, where people could easily swap one token for another token, without the use of a third party, directly from their wallets.
Radix CryptoBot promotes things in the Radix ecosystem, encourages the community itself to promote, champion, and celebrate each other.
The first prediction market exclusively on Radix
A bone-rattling NFT collection powered by Scrypto and the Radix Engine
Windows 95 OS themed project on the Radix DLT. Developers will be able to add their own dapps to the start menu. Radix95 aims to be all-in-one project that will will make people use it daily.
Dangerous NFTs on the Radix network, starting with premiere collection MEERKAT MAFIA
Radstakes provides a reliable, trustworthy and performant validator node to the Radix community
The dix token was created out of boredom in the Telegram traders channel by some of the most ingenious, innovative, smart, serious and professional people in the space. As such, it has no real purpose and everyone can do whatever they want with their dix.
RadixStake is a proud Radix Validator. ​​Join the fight to secure the Radix Network and earn rewards!
A high performance validator node ran by a longstanding member of the Radix genesis community. Bonuses for stakers include a monthly lottery where you can win XRD!
DogeCube is the first & original memecoin on the Radix network, and is the Guardian of the Radix meme community.