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Babylon Carnival

Babylon Carnival

Babylon Carnival is a collection of 10.000 NFTs inspired by the Brazilian Carnival. A real carnival of prizes for project holders.

Besides bringing into Radix the biggest party in Brazil and a little bit of our culture, we would like you to be rewarded for being owners of a little piece of our Brazil. We created a rewards program through raffles, and the rarer your NFT, the greater your chances of winning.

All holders of Babylon Carnival NFTs will have the right of entry to all draws.

- Normal: 1x Entry

- Rare: 2x Entry

- Super Rare: 3x Entry

We've already established the prizes for the drawings up to 100% of sales. You can find them on our Roadmap. 

FLOOR PRICE: 1000: 50 XRD 2500: 75 XRD 6000: 100 XRD 500: Giveaways/partnerships

People who lead this initiative
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Juliano Crypto
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Lucas Tranqz
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Andrea Hanušová
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