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A rare NFT collection of 1000 bad-ass RadChix. Coming soon to Radix.

RadChix is a rare collection of 1000 bad-ass RadChix NFTs. We noticed that many projects on Radix are collections of 10K NFTs with a 20-150 XRD price tag. This is a project for those who want to pay a little more for a lot more rarity.

Each NFT has traits that vary in their rarity. We noticed that a lot of NFT collections work out best for those who get there first and pick the rarest traits before others get a chance. We don’t think this is fair on people living in different time zones or even those who just happen to be busy when a new project drops! We have therefore decided that random allocation is the most fair way to distribute our RadChix!

RadChix is here to join the various other amazing NFT communities that already exist on Radix - and to create our own RadChix community too. We want to make Radix a better place for everyone!

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Silent Sausage
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Slippery Nipple
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