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Radix Kickstart

Radix Kickstart

We provide affordable services for NFT projects on Radix, like Token Creation and automated orders

At Radix Kickstart you can find solutions to automate the orders of your NFTs, whether random or selective, automate trading for your users, and create tokens. We also automatically handle your refunds if you want.

Some features of the order automation:

- Transaction fees for sending your token to buyers paid by us

- A custom API you can access to display data on your website

- A dashboard to get an overview of your sales etc

- Multi-currency support (people can buy with XRD, DGC, OCI etc.)

- Automated refunds if you wish

More functions and features will be added in the future.

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Radix List does not vet or verify projects that gets listed. It's important that you are aware of this before considering to invest time and money in the projects listed here. There is a possibility of scams and money grabs. Do your own research (DYOR) and be cautious.