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The Caviar Teams staking arm with multiple validators, core and gateway api
Radix DLT is the company that develops and launched Radix. They also run multiple community initiatives.
An AMA channel for Radix Validators and Delegators
Collaboration to share and push Radix news and social posts.
The Radix Programmer's Guild is a member-directed community that is developing core infrastructure for Radix.
Ociswap is a decentralised exchange (DEX) being built on the Radix Network. Scheduled to release with the highly anticipated Babylon update, Ociswap features a user-friendly swap environment that provides a fast, smooth and inexpensive trading experience. With a potent combination of concentrated and protocol owned liquidity, Ociswap seeks to deliver a capital-efficient protocol that mitigates the occurrence of impermanent loss.
Telegram channel that give live feeds with the latest trading transactions.