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Mayas Liquid Mining Protocol

Mayas Liquid Mining Protocol

Decentralised liquidity mining, for the masses

Mayas democratises liquid mining and solves the liquidity issue by bringing exchange-grade liquidity to Bitcoin mining by means of dynamic tokenized hashrate on the Radix ledger; a decentralized mining fund backed up by the global hashrate of the BTC network. Furthermore, Mayas solves

- High costs of solo mining

- Lack of liquidity

- Unprovable hashrate

- Tokenized hashrate with inflationary supply and lack of a hedge.

In more simplistic terms; bringing the bitcoin hashrate on the Radix ledger will allow anyone in the Radix community get exposure to BTC mining.

All of the significant barriers to entry would be removed, (maintenance, setup, configuration, repairs, purchasing/selling equipment, shipping/receiving) allowing the modest (or any) investor to essentially expose himself to bictoin mining returns (industrial grade mining) with as little as a few bucks through the Radix ledger.

Our project validator and trusted partner is Radical Staking.

People who lead this initiative
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Wilson | Radical Staking
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