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Buff Wild Crew

Buff Wild Crew

Buff Wild Crew is a Premium NFT Collection on Radix, aiming to create an exclusive mastermind community.

The season one (Genesis) collection will feature 10,000 unique Buffalo NFTs. Each Wild Buff will be autonomously generated from the base character Buffalo and over 230 unique traits. The traits include different colored furs, horns, mouth features, tattoos, clothing, backgrounds and a few other secret, rare traits.

To own a Buff Wild Crew NFT, the NFT collector will purchase a “BUFF token” for an original mint price of 100 XRD — Radix DLT’s native token. After purchasing the “BUFF token”, the Buff Wild Crew wallet will generate a randomized Buff Wild Crew image for the collector and upload the image to the Buff Wild Crew website. The generated NFT will then be specifically assigned to the collector’s wallet. Once Babylon, part of the Radix roadmap, goes live - the collector will be able to redeem Buff tokens to be minted onto the Radix Blockchain.

Buff Wild Crew NFT Utility

The Buff NFT will double as membership into the Buff Wild Crew Community. Membership to the Crew will come with exclusive benefits, the first of which will be access to the Buff Bar’n. The Buff Bar’n is a place where individuals can come and have freedom to express themselves, share ideas, and participate in a mastermind community.

The Buff Bar’n is operated by the Crew Counsel. The Crew Counsel is comprised of prominent individuals in the Buff Wild Community and the Founding Members of Buff Wild Crew.

To purchase a Buff Wild Crew NFT and see the Buff Bar’n head to

People who lead this initiative
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Thomas Gaffney
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Ryan Robertson
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Robert Paul Zoppo
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Jordon Tyler Jones
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