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Mystic Tigers Brotherhood NFT

Mystic Tigers Brotherhood NFT

A brave brotherhood of 10.000 tigers on their return from the gardens of a lost kingdom, finding their way onto Radix DLT.

In a world of crumbling towers, our only hope is memory; and in the book of memory is written a tale of tigers — ten thousand of them.

Ten thousand tigers of every color and every virtue; and they lived in the king’s palace, and the whole world knew of this treasure of great worth, for their bravery and their beauty were without equal.

But devastation struck the kingdom — the king and the people fled, and the tigers were lost forever. Or so it was thought.

In faraway, lonely places, on the margins of our best maps, sometimes the lost tigers are found — their eyes flashing, their footsteps passing silently, their colors glimmering, almost burning…

The purpose of this project is to create beauty; to bring to life sentiments that people are too afraid to hope for; to call upon that inner memory which is of a half-imagined dream; and to aspire to whatever secrets lie behind the image of the tiger.

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