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Xseed is a native token of the Radix Public Network, and has been established in 2021.

Xseed is introduced by the 🇨🇭RadixDLT Staking node to bootstrap network security, decentralization and promoting various Radix projects.

It is initially distributed to early supporters of the network and especially to stakers of the 🇨🇭RadixDLT Staking node. It can be used for future governance participation, early access to new network features and updates. But most important, it’s a representation of owning a part of the 🇨🇭RadixDLT Staking service and the holders participate in the economic long-term success of the "🇨🇭RadixDLT Staking" Node Runner business!

Holding Xseed tokens long-term is crucial to earn staking rewards in the form of Radix tokens (XRD) while contributing to the network's security and decentralization. For the redistribution rewards check the schedule and conditions on

Xseed serves as an integral component of the 🇨🇭RadixDLT Staking node and his ecosystem, ensuring a robust, secure, trustful and decentralized network. It can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges, and can further be used by providing liquidity for holders.

Furthermore, Xseed's importance goes beyond just staking and governance. With the $XSE token we want to play a crucial role in the Radix ecosystem, which is rewarding the community members and Xseed holders. We actively promote the development of new Radix projects building on the platform and fosters creativity, growth and innovation within the community.

In conclusion, Xseed is a vital long-term project built on the Radix network, contributing to the network's security and decentralization while incentivizing community participation within the ecosystem, and most importantly, its token holders.

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