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FOTON - NFTs Marketplace and SDK

FOTON - NFTs Marketplace and SDK

Foton is a Marketplace and SDK for Next-Gen Digital Assets for Games, Art and Communities powered by Radix DLT

FOTON is a Next-Gen Marketplace and SDK for creating and monetising Interoperable NFTs and Digital Assets for Games, Art, Brands and Communities on the Radix decentralised ledger.


• Blazing Fast • Creator & Developer Friendly • Built for Mass Adoption • Community powered • Energy Efficient

● The Foton Token

The Foton token is the fuel for the Marketplace. It's used to pay for assets, unlocking premium features on the platform, reducing fees, for governance, getting merch, increasing user status and much more.

Along with the Foton token, XRD, the native Radix coin is of course accepted as default for buying and selling assets.

■ The Tesseract NFT

The Tesseract is a Multiverse Asset developed with the Foton SDK and will be used on the Foton Marketplace to build status and unlock certain benefits.

The NFT, as all assets by Foton SDK, can be integrated to third party games and apps to favor interoperability.

★ Airdrops and Distribution Schedule

The Tesseract will be airdropped to the community for accomplishing minor or larger tasks. Some will involve just joining the Social media channels, some will require staking on certain Radix validator nodes, etc. Join our Telegram and Discord channels for information about getting one.

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