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The Shekel Project

The Shekel Project

Unique NFT art and design competitions

This project is a work in progress and will evolve in the time before Babylon.

5 unique amounts of Shekels ($SHKL) have been distributed as placeholders for unique genesis NFTs. In addition to receiving the NFTs when Babylon goes live, all 500 unique wallets will also be getting 500 Shekels each.

Shekels ($SHKL) will also be given as rewards for art competitions. Art and design competitions will result in the designs for some of the genesis tokens, and also continued support for future NFT releases from The Shekel Project.

The RRI for Shekel ($SHKL) is shkl_rr1qdm3llhz6lx24zywqdersjzgtd2vs9wl7kqzfsezkdyqvpseeq.

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coathanger | the shekel project
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