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StakeSafe Radix Validators - Professional node-runners

StakeSafe employs a professional team of node-runners. We run our nodes on high performance, high availability servers in different datacenters and geographic locations ensuring best possible service levels. On top of that, we don’t use cloud services like Google or Amazon, we think it’s important for the network to push for decentralization. This makes the network safer and improves availability. Staking at StakeSafe ensures your stake will contribute to the network safety while you don’t have to worry about your APY as you can simply count on a team of professionals to safeguard your investment.

All our hardware, configurations and systems are were customized to run Radix nodes offering best best in class performance. Hardware failures, of our validators are fully will be automatically detected within seconds and will trigger a seamlessly failover to one of our several backup servers. Our backup servers are ready in case a validator goes down.

Our small team currently consists of two professional network engineers (senior & junior), a graphical designer and a developer.

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Bart | StakeSafe
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