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Sons of Heaven

Sons of Heaven

Sons of Heaven is an NFT project on the Radix network. A total of 5,020 Sons of Heaven answer the Emperor's call in these ranks: Infantry, Cavalry, Officer, Royal Assassin, or the Imperial Family.

Sons of Heaven is an NFT project based on the Radix network. 'Son of Heaven' was the sacred monarchical title of the Chinese sovereign, the idea is influenced by the name Xi'an and the design of our NFTs is inspired by that time.

We're planning on extending the NFTs into a web-based game mode. The Yihuan token we've minted will be the available currency in our game eventually and distributed to the NFT holders. The Monarch Family with the Emperors will own the various kingdoms and be required to recruit their warriors to protect the kingdom.

A total of 5,020 Sons of Heaven answer the Emperor's call in one of these ranks: Infantry, Cavalry, Officer, Royal Assassin, or the Imperial Family itself. - Infantry is the core of any army. These battle-hardened warriors are equipped with melee weapons. Without a resilient infantry, a kingdom cannot expand its influence.

- The cavalry equipped with bow and arrow is agile and deadly. A single arrow can be shot almost silently, while a deadly hail of arrows announces itself by loud whistling in the air.

- Officers have proven themselves in combat and are also experienced strategists. The royal families therefore entrust their officers with prominent roles in the kingdoms, making the officers influential advisors.

- Royal assassins are powerful and mysterious. Their knowledge of herbalism, magical talent and agility make them feared attackers and highly valued allies. Assassins used as royal guards are the best defense against enemy assassins.

- Each kingdom is led by an imperial family. They may not look the coolest or scariest, but neither does Jeff Bezos - yet he runs his own empire. An imperial family with wise decisions runs a successful kingdom and ensures prosperity for all its inhabitants.

There will be various items available which can then be acquired by spending Yihuan, e.g. potions, but also weapons and other equipment, mounts and enchantments. All these items and their creation through professions/skills attributed to the various NFTs will enable a self-sustaining blooming economy. Both 1v1 duels and fights between fractions will be available. The Imperial Families will have high visibility in their kingdoms and be responsible for various high-impact decisions, but can only lead successful empires by trusting and empowering their brothers in arms.

We are collaborating with 2 Italian artists who are manually creating/adjusting the various versions of the classes. This is not a full layer-based NFT creation but manual work - both time intense and expensive compared to other projects. That's why we are limiting the number of NFTs to 5,020 which is already challenging.

Reservations can be made with XRD or OCI , for more information please join us on Twitter/Discord and feel free to contact us directly.

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