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RADORABLES is a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn NFTs on the Radix DLT Network.

Welcome to the world of RADORABLES!


Numbers first: 10,000 RADORABLES, 500+ traits, 15 layers – all features hand-drawn with love and an eye for detail! The creative mind is Vinnyfromspace who already supported other projects on Radix with their artwork and designs. Each NFT has an unique rarity score based on its traits. The total ranking from 1-10,000 can be found at


Behind RADORABLES is a group of 4 Radix enthusiasts based in Europe. All of them deeply believe in the Radix ecosystem and came together with the ambition to bring more value to it.


RADORABLES holders step into a growing family and profit from member-only advantages: - 2.5% of the trading fees go back to holders in periodic airdrops! - Monthly airdrops of CRUMBS – the governance token of the upcoming Frens of the Crumbs DAO! In future, CRUMBS will also be listed on a DEX.

People who lead this initiative
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