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Utility token for RadLock. Services to promote safety and trust on Radix.

RadLock is focused on complete transparency and safety when investing in new projects. Its hard to identify if a project is committed to their goals and willing to put in the time. Token locking and team vesting is an essential part of trust and transparency in a project or user. Post Babylon, we aim to provide the following services:

1. Token/Liquidity lock - Tokens are locked for an amount of epoch time. Until the epoch has been met, the lock creator is not able to withdraw their funds.

2. Team vesting - Projects that involve a team can vest their share of tokens. Tokens are locked and periodically unlocked in batches where members can withdraw their share.

3. Token Launchpad - To tie everything together, we will provide an easy and intuitive way to create tokens and lock or vest them straight after creation.

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Warning ⚠️

Radix List does not vet or verify projects that gets listed. It's important that you are aware of this before considering to invest time and money in the projects listed here. There is a possibility of scams and money grabs. Do your own research (DYOR) and be cautious.