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A multi-purpose dashboard, explorer and staking reward tracker

My name is Michael, I am from Vorarlberg in Austria. I have been interested in crypto since 2015 when I read about Ethereum in a paper for the first time. I was fascinated by the chance of decentralization and democratization of finances. The new areas that open up when, for example, microcredits can be securely granted directly between people, globally distributed, without banks being involved. I am especially interested in the possibilities of anonymization, because I think it is important that to be able to transfer money at least partially anonymously. The concepts are quite fascinating, but unfortunately I don't always understand them completely.

I started the project RadixScan because if only half of what is discussed in Discord and Telegram can be realized, Radix can become very big. It's like being there during the development and the first tests of the network. In addition, I find the Radix community really very good, on the one hand there is humor, on the other hand there is always someone with whom you can exchange or who can help you with complex questions.

In the community I also met Leo, together we participated in some Cassandra tests and after the Betanet phase we decided to run the Emmoglu Stakery together. Leo takes excellent care of the servers and communication to the community and has become a friend. Big thanks Leo!

I hope I can make a small contribution with RadixScan, I see the project primarily as a possibility to learn.

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