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Radix Talk

Radix Talk

A community run forum dedicated to everything regarding Radix DLT

RadixTalk is a community run forum dedicated to everything regarding Radix DLT.

The forum is targeted at:

Developers : learn more about Scrypto and how to master the Radix Gateway API for all your project needs

Validators/Node Runners : promote your node and share tips with other node runners on how to safely manage your validator

Stakers and End Users : learn how to safely delegate your $XRD, discover new upcoming projects & airdrops and join community the community

It’s also a great place for newbies to learn more about Radix, thanks to our powerful Docs, where you can find an answer to all your Radix related questions:

Interested in NFTs? Check out our comprehensive list with description and prices of most NFTs:

RadixPool is sponsoring the cost of hosting the forum but it is intended to be community run and moderated.

People who lead this initiative
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Stuart | RadixPool
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Faraz | Radstakes
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Mattia |
Independent validator with primary node in Seoul to help Radix network diversity. Transparent, reliable infrastructure, low fees and secure. Backed by experienced operators.
Warning ⚠️

Radix List does not vet or verify projects that gets listed. It's important that you are aware of this before considering to invest time and money in the projects listed here. There is a possibility of scams and money grabs. Do your own research (DYOR) and be cautious.