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Radix Network Dashboard

Radix Network Dashboard

StakeSafe's Network Dashboard with live network metrics of all validators

Our Radix Network Dashboard identifies some new unique metrics of Radix validators;

The first new insight is the “Online/offline” status inside and outside the validator set, which is useful when delegators are interested in staking on a node that is not part of the top 100. Up till now it was not clear if nodes outside of the top 100 were online or offline.

Second new insight is a “yes/no” indicator to see if a validator accepts connections from other nodes on the gossip port, this is useful for network stability.

The third new insight is showing the hosting provider validators are running and in what country the node is active.

On top of this we summarized this network information to get a view of node (de)centralization.

All information is available in realtime and the validator table can be sorted on various metrics.

A detail page for every validator is available and can easily be direct linked.

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