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Radix Collection

Radix Collection

The first decentralized collectible game living on the RadixDLT network. Come Join the badge hunt!

Radix collection is the first free to play decentralized collectible game of badges and trophies living on the Radix Decentralized Ledger. The aim of the game is to collect and upgrade ALL the badges until you reach the Elite stage for each of them and become a Radix Collection legend. Start your legacy!

There are many different badges to obtain and each of them can be unlocked by performing specific actions related with the Radix Wallet (download here) and/or social media. Most of the badges are split in four classes being “Bronze”, “Silver”, “Gold” and “Black”. Each class is subdivided in 4 levels, being 0, 1, 2 and 3 stars. Climb your way up all the levels and classes and master the Radix DLT realm! Some special badges are unique and come in only one flavor. Perform the appropriate action to get them! At the start of the game, 22+ different badges are available and many more will be added in the coming weeks/months.

The Radix Collection project aims to develop together with the support of the community. We do have many ideas that could make the game even more awesome and that just need a bit of support from you guys to be implemented. It is only the beginning of a great journey. We truly believe we can make this first Radix DLT collectible game an amazing community experience and we would love to see it growing ! The game is free to play, but if you do want to support our work, please consider supporting us ! We thank in advance all of our backers and a surprise could be waiting for you in your wallet !

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Independent validator with primary node in Seoul to help Radix network diversity. Transparent, reliable infrastructure, low fees and secure. Backed by experienced operators.
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