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RadicalShards is a Generative Art NFT collection of 10,000 unique shards on Radix!

This one is for Radix enthusiasts and tech believers! Radix will implement sharding with the reach of Xian. Then unlimited scaling will be possible while maintaining atomic composability. We think that this will be the key for Radix to become the Top1MinimumCoin in DeFi.

So hold on tight: This is so fresh in many ways! This collection might represent the First Shard Groups that are artistically visualized as Generative Art on Radix! How Radix related can an NFT be? The best tech in our eyes needs best recognition in an NFT collection. We believe that this collection can sell out really – and we mean really – QUICK!

Sales are done with our automated system so you will receive your tokens within seconds/minutes.

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