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Nettle Soldier

Nettle Soldier

An art collective producing limited run NFT releases of original art pieces. Each NFT also comes with the option of receiving an A2 size print on Art museum quality paper

We are the Nettle Soldier An art collective whose work asks questions of the current culture. The Nettle Soldier references pop culture, painting characters on various kinds of containers, packets and whatever interesting items we can get our hands on. Each release is a unique piece of artwork. It is our belief that all good art asks questions and provokes a response in the viewer. We come not with answers but with questions. We come not with a message, but with an enquiry. Cryptocurrency inherently questions the status quo, envisaging a more democratic, decentralised world. In an NFT world which often consists of copycats and derivative art The Nettle Soldier aims to create something new and act as cultural provocateurs. Crypto is our bank, DAOs are our government and NFTs are our Art. Each release is a run of 10 editions of a unique piece - each NFT costs 1500 XRD.

People who lead this initiative
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Independent validator with primary node in Seoul to help Radix network diversity. Transparent, reliable infrastructure, low fees and secure. Backed by experienced operators.
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