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HIEROGRAM is a Stereogram NFT project based on Hieroglyphics. You will have to decode the Stereogram and then the Hieroglyphic to solve your NFT.

The name Hierogram is just a combination of the content of the project and the technology thats used to create it. (Hieroglyphics + Stereogram = Hierogram).

Firstly, you need to decode the Hierogram NFT. Once solved, the imagery will tell you an Ancient Artifact, a Pyramid, a Pharaoh, and much more. (These have Rarity).

3D Models were created for all the Stereogram NFT's, these are readily available for you on request. If demand permits we will link them all here.

Lastly, we have 24 seed words which make up 2 Radix Wallets hidden inside the Hieroglyphics. You need to work this out, individually or as a community (Tip: words that may not relate to Ancient Egypt). We can help, once solved, this will unlock the Wallets to reveal the Treasures (Free for Fun).

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Joph | cryptohoard
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