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Hermes Protocol

Hermes Protocol

Be on top of everything that happens on-ledger. Get notifications for everything that matters to you, where and how you want them.

Hermes Protocol is the one-stop-shop for your web3 real-time communications. Want to know...

- when your listed NFT is sold? ✅

- when you receive tokens? ✅

- when a governance poll is created and you have to vote? ✅

- when you're about to be liquidated, so you can take action? ✅

- when someone outbid you on an auction? ✅

- when your domain is about to expire? ✅

- when a node runner you're staking with changes their commission? ✅

On top of all that, get these alerts and much more on Discord (DM's and channels), Telegram (channels & groups), Twitter (tweets & DMs), and more very soon.

As if this weren't enough, you'll also be able to barter trades with other people (execute P2P trades or OTC deals) while talking with them (wallet-to-wallet cross-chain chat).

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Ana Preto
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