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Blue Chick NFTs

Blue Chick NFTs

Blue Chick NFTs is a collection of x9999 immutable NFTs procedurally generated from different attributes in different rarities. Each Chick is unique & genetically constructed the moment you mint it.

So, what can Blue Chicks do?

Beyond assembling your personal platoon within the Blue Chicks PVP P&E Artillery Tactical Game, where you can engage in battles against other degen Blue Chicks to secure enticing prizes, they also grant you access to the esteemed Chick DAO and its Treasury.

PVP Artillery Tactical Game

Blue Chicks offers an exhilarating Artillery Tactical Game experience, where your ultimate objective is to lead a formidable platoon of x5 fierce chicks and emerge as the sole surviving force on the battlefield.

Each Blue Chick’s distinctive attributes determine the weaponry they’ll receive through airdrops. Exciting, isn’t it?

The Mighty Chicks DAO

Each Blue Chick derived from the original x9999 mint possesses the power to actively partake in governance, asset control, and tournament organization. This unwavering dedication to total decentralization and community ownership lies at the heart of our Blue Chick universe.

Funding the DAO takes various forms, including 20% of the funds from the initial Genesis 9999 mint and up to 90% from future mints, with a future target of reaching a full 100%.

Make your Chicks work for you.

Let your Blue Chick be enlisted by fellow players, enabling you to earn a portion of the spoils from their victorious battles. Sit back, relax, and let your chicks work their magic while you reap the rewards.

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