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Badix Universe

Badix Universe

An NFT-based economy simulation game

In response to the ever-growing supply of NFT projects on the Radix DLT the Badix Universe has been created!

There is somewhat of a shortage of utility-based NFT projects coming up now, and the aim of the Badix Universe is to provide utility-based value to NFT collections. In short, the Badix Universe is a simulated universe/economy game in which the Badix NFTs (Baddies) act as the main characters. The player is in control of a family, consisting of his/her Baddies, residing in the Badix Universe. It is the player’s task to lead the family to glory by acquiring wealth or prestige. All Baddies have different stats/personalities and are an integral part of the game(play), which in turn gives them their value. Other NFT sets which currently solely exist because of their artistic value could potentially also be incorporated into the game, providing them with a utility-based value too! Just imagine your Baddie keeping an Abandoned Scorpion as a pet, wouldn’t that be cool?

To start off the project, the first generation of Badix Universe immigrants, consisting of 5000 unique Baddies, has been generated, which will be the only generation ever to have a Radix-coloured background. Meaning snagging them up is a sure way of proving your early involvement in this project and Radix as a whole!

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