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Making fun and enjoyable games for the future internet

The arcade is the first attempt to prove smart contracts can be created between users to compete and play against each other. This will grow into something much larger, our metaverse, but it starts first with the arcade, wagering tokens, NFTs, and playing for fun. We will then embed the arcade into a 2D world, where you can walk up to an arcade box and start playing. A game within a game. In the 2D world you will be able to show off your NFTs, and even have things like pets, cars, houses. We will introduce skill lines like crafting, architecture, engineering, to hone your skills and become a leader.

We ultimately see Raduel going into a 3D, highly detailed world, that immitates many different aspects of the world as we know it, but incorporates many different and futuristic concepts. Whether you want to play for fun and build an economy, play against other players in duels to the death, fight against monsters on huge worlds. you name it, Raduel will have it!

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Luke Lehepuu
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