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emote Care

A global marketplace for clients and therapists to connect through a web 3.0 network.

emote Care is a web 3.0 protocol here to solve the many pain points of current web 2.0 architecture in digital mental health.

Filling the gap between self care and hospital treatment, we differentiate ourselves by delivering more rigorous security, data ownership and a granular privacy layer that only a team with lived and professional experience could provide.

Using the Radix full-stack and their revolutionary wallet integrated with our very own protocol we will provide a decentralised, secure, diverse and self governed environment for both the therapist and patient.

What we provide:

- Security

- Data ownership

- Agnostic payments

- Representation, availability and ease of onboarding

- Complete autonomy over session fees and scheduling

- Cheaper costs

- Complete privacy choices

People who lead this initiative
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Booker Woodford | emote Care
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Joe Morse | emote Care
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Jason Cheung | emote Care
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